The Power of Mantras


Mantra is a Sanskrit word (the language of South Asia)  that means "tool of the mind."  I love this! I love the idea of collecting a toolbox full of words and phrases that can help me calm my mind.


Some people use a phrase called "Monkey Mind" to describe that thing that happens when your mind won't shut off, when you are worried or facing something challenging and you ruminate, or think about that thing over and over again. Using the tool of mantras to recite the same word, phrase, or sound helps us to train our brain to release the negative thoughts and worry and to work toward a more positive outlook.


I use a combination of a mantra and affirmation to create a statement about my present desired state of mind and positive expectation for the future. I normally choose this mantra at the beginning of the month and recite it daily (sometimes multiple times per day!) for an entire month. This mantra becomes the central theme of my meditation and mindfulness throughout the month. The more I say it, the deeper I believe it to be true, and the quieter my monkey becomes :)


Each of my Intentions Boxes comes with a written mantra/affirmation. I encourage you to recite this out loud during your Guided Intention-Setting/Mindfulness Exercise. I also encourage you to keep it handy in the month ahead. Keep it near your healing stone and essential oils for that month and use the three in combination with one another.


Peace & Love