Size Really Can Matter - Choosing the Right Crystal for the Work

Say what you will, but I think size really can matter! Today, I want to talk about the crystal you will see in each monthly Blue Lotus Intentions Box. If you have shopped for crystals before, you know they come in many sizes, textures, and colors. 

Each crystal is thought to carry its own special healing properties. When crystals that complement each other are used together, they can increase the vibration (or energy). This works well for concentrating on complex or multi-layered issues.  Since crystals can be expensive, choosing several small crystals when focused on working through a specific need can be helpful.

When setting an intention, or beginning to work with a specific issue, it’s best to choose one larger crystal to focus on at the start. The bigger this is, the higher the vibration! Once your path is set, others crystals can be added to support or complement. 

This is why the monthly Blue Lotus Intentions boxes come with one  large stone each month. It’s pretty normal to receive stones that measure .75-1” when shopping for crystals. There is nothing wrong with these (I have many in my own collection), it’s just not best for the purpose of the monthly intention-setting exercise. My goal for this, is to provide you a stone that is as close to 2” as possible. 

Now, of course, these natural beauties will vary slightly in size (and color). There will also be times when your monthly crystal might be slightly smaller due to the cost of each stone. My aim is to never include a stone in the monthly box that is smaller than 1.25”. To achieve this, it may also be necessary to include a rough, rather than tumbled crystal sometimes. (We’ll cover this topic next time!). 

All of this background is to say my choice of crystal each month is always one with a very specific theme in mind and the value of the one received each month will typically be somewhere in the $8-$12 range. As you can see, this adds greatly to the value of each box, currently priced at only $25 for early subscribers.

Peace & Love


p.s. If you were fortunate enough to receive one of the limited “Goodbye 2020!” Intentions boxes, you know that the Archean Butterstone included was MASSIVE compared to most stones. This was intentional as well; we needed this powerhouse to clear the train wreck Year of 2020!!