Mindfulness Exercise: Getting Rid of Negativity - The Floating Ball

Mindfulness exercises help us to become more in tune with our emotions. They can help us to pinpoint areas for growth and to set our intentions on the type of life we hope to have. Often used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) these mindfulness exercises, combined with breathing techniques, help many people to learn the art of meditation.


I love this "Floating Ball" mindfulness exercise. I find it especially helpful when I have been worrying about something or feeling overwhelmed by a lot of little things (sound like 2020?!?!)


The steps include;
  • Identifying the issues and what feelings they evoke
  • Seeing the ball floating in front of you 
  • Placing those challenges, worry, and negative thoughts into the ball
  • Holding your Healing Stone, breathing deeply, and imagining the ball floating away


There is so much in life that we cannot control. As a famous Disney Princess once roared for all of us to hear, it's time to "Let it Go!"

Here's an informative article on What is CBT, if you're interested.