Journaling to Transform Your Life

It sounds a bit dramatic, I'm sure, but I believe journaling CAN transform your life! 

Did you ever write in a diary when you were younger? (Congrats to you if you still do). These intimate conversations with ourselves through diaries or journals can be very powerful. Not only do we get to work through what we're feeling at the moment, they also remain forever as proof of how far we have come.

I poured my heart into my diaries as a young person and I've been an avid journaler for at least the past 10 years. There are times when I write about things I am too afraid or embarrassed to tell anyone else. There are also plenty of laughs and things to be grateful for.  Most important for me, I can look back and receive instant confirmation that my hard work and intentions are paying off. I have transformed in so many ways through these writings/ramblings.

Any time you perform a mindfulness exercise, I encourage you to include time for journaling. Write about how you're feeling, put your mantra/affirmation in writing, and set your intentions for where you want your life to lead you. Be angry, be sad, be grateful.....this is a special time for you to connect with yourself. There's no better therapy! 

Peace & Love


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