Healing Stone / Crystal

The healing stone is the center of my vision for this Intentions Box. Many, including me, believe that stones and crystals have healing powers. The Archaen Butterstone, also referred to as Butter Jade, is actually a fossil from the Southern tip of Africa. It is said to be 2.5 billion years old. You will find this stone in a variety of colors from white to green to dark blue and sometimes all three colors in one piece. The other unique characteristic is that most pieces have both rough and buttery sides. 

2020 has been a challenge, to say the least! It's had a lot of rough spots but hopefully a few sweet spots too.  Butterstone is said to be regenerative. It can help us to replace negative energy with positivity. It stands for strength, stability, resilience, and connects us to Mother Earth.  It is grounding, healing, and can assist in bringing a sense of calm. 

Holding your stone with both your hands will help to increase its power. I often times will also place the stone I am focusing on inside a grid, surrounded by clear quartz to enhance its strength.  In addition to using your Butterstone during your intentions session, consider connecting with this stone over the month ahead. You can place it on your desk, mantle, near your plants, or in your quiet place so that you see it often. When you see it, you can recite your mantra again for reinforcement.

I also have curated Butterstone healing bracelets to help you to carry this stone with you, wherever you go, when you need strength and resilience. These are for purchase separately.

Note* the stone this month is a bit larger than the stones that are normally found in my Intentions boxes. I thought we all could use an extra boost as we invite 2021 to help us heal!

Peace & Love 


p.s. If you are new to stones & crystals, there's a great article Crystals 101 that you may find interesting.