Essential Oils Support


Friends, I'm geeking out about our essential oil blends! In the past when I was making these intentions boxes just for me and a few friends, if I couldn't find a blend that complimented my intention setting needs, I would blend my own. While many people do this for their own use, I knew that my customers needed more.


I am extremely grateful to have found our essential oil provider at Be Kind Botanicals. She is a Certified Aromatherapist, which is fantastic, but even more so, she takes her oil blending VERY seriously. She tests each batch for purity and has extremely high quality standards. She also has a great vision for scents that work together.


Each month, we talk about what I have in mind for the intention objective and what stone I plan to use. She then creates a unique blend - especially for us that supports the needs for this box. For the "Goodbye 2020!" Intentions Box, she has created a blend called "Adieu." This blend includes Red Mandarin (said to release stress and heavy burdens), Cypress (may unblock negativity and encourage letting go), Geranium (said to heal trauma, promote love and trust), and Rhododendron (is a powerful healer, may remove discomfort and soothe emotions - also a fairly rare essential oil).


Your essential oil comes in a roller ball bottle. It has been blended with rice bran oil (facilitates healing and increases the body's defenses). It is meant to be used on your skin and to be inhaled. Inhaling essential oils provides an immediate effect of the healing properties. Here's a suggestion for how to use these oils;

  • You can apply your oils to a variety of places including your crown, temples, neck. chest, and/or wrists. 
  • Then apply the oils to your palms and gently rub together
  • Next, cup your hands together around your nose and mouth and breath deeply.
  • One of the breathing exercises I prefer is the 4-7-8 breathing technique (Breathe in for 4 seconds, Hold your breath for 7, Exhale for 8). Try this 2 or 3 times.

Keep this lovely smelling treasure handy throughout the month ahead.  You can use it as needed (even as a perfume) and consider reciting this month's mantra every time that you do!

Peace & Love