Creating Your Quiet Place


It is important to find a quiet, comfortable place to perform your intentions exercise. I like to do mine outside as much as possible. My garden, the forest, or the beach are always my first choices. However, when the weather doesn’t cooperate, I sometimes find a comfy place inside on the floor with pillows around me (a couch, your bed, or a favorite chair work also). There are a few things I use to help me settle in;

  • Pashmina shawl (a blanket works well too!)
  • My favorite tea mug
  • Journal (I keep one just for my intention setting along with my favorite pen)
  • A tray to carry everything to my space
  • Fresh herbs, flowers, or other organic matter from my garden (store bought works too!) You can also use your houseplants – they enhance positivity too.
  • Meditation music. I’m obsessed with East Forest right now - especially the album called Spores  (but every music outlet has meditation choices)
  • Additional candles (if I’m feeling especially cozy)
  • Additional crystals (I often add Clear Quartz, Selenite, and sometimes Shungite)

This is all personal preference. Bring along whatever comforts you. You’re in Charge! If you need some visual inspiration, checkout The Spruce

Find your cozy spot and let's get started!

Love & Peace - Molly