Cleansing Your Aura

"How do I Cleanse My Aura?" This is the question I receive more than any other. Followed by "What is Cleansing?" and "Is it like Smudging?"

Let's start with the most important lesson. "Smudging" "Smudge Sticks" and "Saging" are common terms with deep meanings. In my ever-growing desire to be more inclusive and anti-racist, I have come to learn that these terms can be considered cultural appropriation. Since I am not from an Indigenous community whose history includes the specific rituals and products included in the smudging ceremony, I have learned that appropriating these terms can be disrespectful and hurtful.

With regards to sage; I am trying to not use sage in my exercises (unless it is home grown) because much of the sage in the market place is not ethically sourced.

All that being said, The act of energy cleansing with herb bundles is a practice that many cultures, religions, and societies have used throughout history. I find this practice to be very supportive. Lucky for us, to be mindful of ethical sourcing, I have curated our Lemongrass bundles from a small business in Florida called Well Grounded Herbs where she grows, dries, and bundles these beauties by hand. Going forward, she has other herbs and herb combinations to offer in the months to come. 

OK, now to the number #1 question.... to cleanse your aura

Be sure to have a plan for where to place your cleansing tool after you set it aside (a plate, shell, etc. should work just fine)

  • Light your cleansing tool, the flame will lessen quickly and start to smoke
  • You can be standing or seated, this is up to you
  • Start with your Crown Chakra (top of your head)
  • Breath in and out and focus on how your body feels
  • Move the cleansing tool in a spiral motion over each of your other Chakras; Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar, Sacral, and Root (see chart)
  • You should be able to feel your energy shift as you move down your body toward your feet (Root Chakra)
  • It may also be helpful to you to repeat the mantra: "I release all energy that does not belong to me" as you cleanse each Chakra.
  • Once you are finished, give your thanks for this opportunity
  • Set aside the cleansing tool. You will repeat this practice near the end of your intention-setting

If you do not use all of your cleansing tool during the exercise, you can store it for future use. You can use this same exercise, or you can clear the energy in any room in your house.

At this point, I truly start to relax and ready myself for the mindfulness exercise.

Love & Peace